The Hallertau Band

The Hallertau band derives its name from the hop used in brewing beer. The band consists of the following members:

What makes the Hallertau Band unique?

It is hard to imagine 2 different generations of people getting together and creating a sound that has the mature musicianship of seasoned veterans and the energy of contemporary artists. Hallertau has the versatility to please folks looking for the greatest hits of rock and roll from the 60’s, 70’s (Stones, Allmans, Dead etc..) to artists still on the charts such as Dave Matthews and Phish. In the appropriate setting, the band covertly mixes in original music that fuses the generations into one cohesive sound.

The Hallertau Band History

Steve and Charlie began playing music together after meeting at Siena College. In early 2007, they formed a duo playing smaller venues that eventually expanded from as far south as Westchester Co. up to Lake George NY. During this time, Steve was working as a teacher at an Albany high school where he met John. John was a student placed in Steve’s chemistry class.

John displayed his talent on the guitar to others after school and expressed his wish to be part of a working band. Shortly after completing chemistry, John joined Hallertau and fascinated crowds with his extraordinary talent as a guitarist. In the summer of 2010, John brought his long time friend and musical colleague Blair into the band. The band has been busy writing music, playing gigs and saving up for a professional recording.

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